Directorate of Defense Services Intelligence

Directorate of Defense Services Intelligence
   Also known as the Military Intelligence Service (MIS), the DDSI was Burma's most powerful and pervasive intelligence agency before the purge of its director, Lieutenant General Khin Nyunt, in October 2004. Established during the Burma Socialist Programme Party era (1962-1988), it controlled Military Intelligence units within the three services of the Tatmadaw as well as special units under its own command, which after 1992 reported directly to DDSI headquarters rather than through the regular armed services chain of command. The headquarters was divided into nine bureaus with functional jurisdiction over counterterrorism, antinarcotics operations, foreign intelligence operations, etc. In the Burmese (Myanmar) language, DDSI was known as the Tatmadaw Htauk Hlan-ye Hyun-kyar Yehmu Youn. With Khin Nyunt's ouster in 2004, DDSI's powers have been significantly curbed.
   See also Military Intelligence; Military Intelligence, Organization of.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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